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1. Our Objective

We help our students to get the best possible result in the French exams.


2. Our Classes

Our Classes are 100% exam focused!
The students will understand what is to be learnt and how to work throughout the year to confidently succeed in their French exam.
We teach the French needed for the exam, we offer the exam exercises, the study methodology and we coach the students to produce A-type answers


3. Our Notes

We provide to our students specific & unique exam preparation notes.
The notes include the essential French to be studied (French structures, vocabulary, expressions), the exam-type questions and the model answers.
The objective is to help the student to understand the structure of the exam questions and what is expected by the examiners in the answers.


4. Monitoring the students’ progress

The students are assessed by frequent exam-type tests
Parents/guardians are informed if the students are missing homework, deadlines, tests, or are not working to their full potential.


5. Our Results

We understand the importance of succeeding in the exams and the impact it has for the student’s future.
Our results and student performances show the effectiveness of our teaching approach.