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Terms & conditions




                                                      School year 2019/2020 – Terms & conditions

Please read our terms & conditions before proceeding and signing up.


  • We don’t charge on a class by class basis but for the entire school term (or the rest of the school term).
  • If the student /student’s parent cancels one lesson or one appointment, or does not attend a class for any reason, no refund will be made and no alternative class will be offered.
  • The students are not allowed to swap classes. If the students can’t attend a class, they can collect the notes for the class they’ve missed or they will receive the notes when they come back the following week.
  • We run the weekly classes during the weekends and Bank holidays. We do not run the weekly classes during the school holidays and midterm breaks.
  • If we do not run the class as scheduled or cannot run it when the weather conditions are unsafe for the students to attend the class, we will offer alternatives (an extra class will exceptionally be conducted during the school holidays or midterm breaks).
  • The notes are printed once and are only available to students who sign up for the course, therefore we ask our students to take good care of the study notes.
  • The notes we offer to the students are for the class they attend here. We do not set up extra notes or release extra notes for topics that the students cover in school.
  • Important: No copies of the notes are sent via email or via post.
  • The tests and exams that we conduct cannot be taken at home.
  • We only correct the tests and exams which are part of our course and are conducted and taken here in class. We don’t correct extra school homework, extra school tests or mock exams.
  • We only allow the students to drink water in class. No food, no soft drinks, sugary drinks, coffees, teas, smoothies are allowed in class