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“Nick is a hardworking teacher who strives for students to learn and achieve their very best, as well as enjoying every second of doing so.
Every french class was filled with professionalism from both Nick and his amazing notes,but also an incredible amount of fun and laughter.
I can hand on my heart say that without Nick, my french would be nowhere near the level it is today.”
Susan Slowey – H1.  Dalkey – Leaving Cert 2019


Nick’s grinds were so helpful for me. He focused only on what we needed for the exam and didn’t waste time on anything else. We were tested every second week based on what we had learned which really made us work and I found it so rewarding when I had done the study. The notes Nick gives are so good and clear that I didn’t use my notes from school again! I always wanted to do well in French but I did not think I could ever achieve the grade I got, I would have never have gotten a H2 if I studied French solely in school. These were the only grinds I did during 5th and 6th year because they suited me really well and I didn’t feel like I was just repeating what I was doing in school and wasting my study time!
Méabh Phelan – H2, Monkstown – Leaving Cert 2019 


I began attending Nick’s classes in the January of 6th year. I honestly thought I had left it too late to improve my French. French was always one of my weakest subjects in school. As the Leaving Certificate grew closer I became more worried and less confident in my French. Nick welcomed me with open arms. Although, I joined the class late he treated me the exact same as all the other students. Nick believed in my potential from day one and endlessly encouraged me. I entered a positive, motivating and upbeat class where Nick truly cares about every individual student. It was Nick’s passionate and motivating teaching methods which helped me in my final 6 months toward the Leaving Certificate. Nick uses practical exam based notes which saves you so much of your study time. I can honestly say that I learnt more French in the 6 months that I attended his classes than I did in my 6 years of secondary school. If you follow Nick’s instructions you’re guaranteed to excel at French. By the time June comes Nick has you prepared you for any scenario that could come your way in the exam and how to tackle it. It is without a doubt that I would never have gotten this mark in French without the incredible hard work from Nick.
Aisling Ní Raghallaigh – H3.  Clonskeagh – Leaving Cert 2019


Nick’s French Grinds were not only fun and enjoyable but also focused and intensive. I found myself learning more French and more exam content in one class with Nick than in one month’s worth of classes in school. Throughout this school year, I have not only been able to obtain a H1 in French but I also now feel confident and I am excited to study French in 3rd level. Thank you Nick!
Layla Crosbie – H1. Booterstown, Leaving Cert 2019


Before I started grinds with Nick I basically had no confidence in french, whether it be speaking or even writing it. I began grinds with Nick in September 2018 and even after the first class with him my french improved and so did my confidence. I was getting H4’s my entire way through 5th, so i thought that was all I was capable of. Nick continuously helped us coming up to the oral and also the leaving cert french exam. Without his continuous support and encouragement, I would have never got the grade I did . His way of teaching is so fun and interactive, he continuously creates a good atmosphere in the class, making us laugh with his jokes. He has belief in every single one of his students and I only wish I started sooner in his class. I went from continuous H4’s to a H2 in a matter of months. I truly believe that it was his support and confidence in me that made me become confident and achieve an amazing result, one I truly thought I would never even come close to, and I have Nick to thank for that.
Clodagh Slattery – H2.  Sandyford – Leaving Cert 2019


Before starting grinds with Nick, I could barely string a sentence together in French. I started with Nick at the start of 6th year after barely scraping a H5 in the 5th year summer exams. From the  beginning, Nick had total belief in every one of his students. Nick’s classes are small and focused.
With the help of Nick’s excellent notes and encouragement, I quickly began to see myself improving and gaining confidence in myself.
I went from a H5 to a H3 in the space of a year and the only regret I have is not starting with Nick earlier. Thank you Nick!
Aisling Bonar – H3.  Leopardstown – Leaving Cert 2019


I started attending Nick’s weekly classes in September of 6th year and I never looked back. I had been sitting on a H2 but struggled to improve my French to a H1 standard. However with nick’s brilliant notes, phenomenal teaching methods and endless encouragement I gained the confidence needed to succeed in my exam and particularly in my oral. I would encourage all students to go to Nick if they want to improve their French mark because he is a great teacher and his classes are always great fun.
Tom Dwan – H1.  Blackrock College – Leaving Cert 2019


Before starting grinds with Nick, I had very little confidence in French. This changed quickly through Nick’s classes as my ability improved and I gradually began achieving better grades. Nick is a fantastic French teacher who’s teaching methods vastly improve all his students’ French level. Through his endless encouragement and great notes I regained my confidence in French that I thought I’d lost. Nick also creates a great atmosphere in the class which relieves the stress throughout a year that can be very intimidating. I firmly believe that without Nick I wouldn’t have achieved anything close to the final grade I managed in my French Leaving Cert.
Ruairí Kennedy – H2.  Churchtown – Leaving Cert 2019


When I first started grinds with Nick at the start of 5th year, I was really struggling with my French. With being in a low standard French class in school, I knew that the help I was getting from my teachers would be nowhere near enough to get me the grade I needed in the Leaving Cert. In that first class we were learning vocabulary and I was first introduced to Nick’s methods of constantly testing the students. Although difficult at first, this allowed me to learn more in that one class than I would’ve for a week worth of French classes in my school. When it comes to the classes Nick creates an environment of comfort, hard work and trust, to the extent where after doing a listening comprehension he would ask all his students to say their mark aloud to the class. Nick is also very understanding with his students, he knows that it is up to them to do the work as they’re the ones who will be sitting the exam. He often uses words of encouragement rather than give out to his pupils. He is also well able to provide comedic relief for those under stress from their studies. Nick demands the most from all of his students, but I can guarantee that if you do everything he tells you to, you will be shocked by your improvement in both understanding and speaking of French. Nick’s classes helped me go from one of the worst students in my class to being one of the most prepared and confident for the Leaving Cert in the space of 18 months. I firmly believe that without his help and guidance I may have failed Leaving Cert French and I was instead only 5 marks from achieving a H2.
Éanna Daly – H3.  Stepaside – Leaving Cert 2019


Nick is an absolutely incredible French teacher who not only vastly improved my French, but also made me really enjoy studying the language (so much so I’ll be continuing studying French in college). His teaching methods are both engaging and enjoyable, with a great emphasis on expanding your French vocabulary as well as being Exam-orientated. Nick puts in a huge amount of effort into each and every class to ensure that every part of the course is not only covered but understood. I started with Nick in 5th year and I can definitively say it was a choice that brought me up at least 2 grades. Not only is he a truly excellent teacher but a fantastic (and funny) guy who really cares for each individual student. I would highly recommend Nick to anyone doing the Leaving Cert and I can’t thank him enough for not only my grade but for igniting a love for the language.
Luca Haran – H2.  CBC Monkstown – Leaving Cert 2019


Nick is the reason why I achieved such a high grade in leaving cert French! He was incredibly attentive to me personally as well as the other students. He constantly offered all the help he could possibly give me and I thoroughly enjoyed going to his classes every Thursday as they were focused but also thoroughly enjoyable. Nick is a fantastic teacher who constantly encouraged me and helped me improve my french in every aspect. I am incredibly grateful for his help and I am able to do what I want, due to his attention to my French and I have him to thank for my high grade!
Ciara Corscadden Hennessy – H2. Deansgrange – Leaving Cert 2019


Nick is a superb teacher and has provided excellent tuition in French language, literature and  grammar etc and enabled not only great results but a lasting enjoyment of French and speaking the language. Both our daughters  achieved great results in their Leaving Cert, but have also retained an enjoyment of both the language and culture from Nick’s outstanding pedagogy. As a parent, Nick has been the consummate professional and shown great flexibility in time allocation and genuine interest in his students success. We would highly recommend Nick to any parent seeking tuition in French for their children. Many thanks.
Georgina Corscadden & Paraig Hennessy (Ciara Corscadden Hennessy’s Parents)


Nick’s brilliant notes, focused classes and motivational pep talks eliminated the majority of stress I felt about French for the leaving. He teaches exactly what you need to know to get your best result in the exam without giving too much or too little. He covered all aspects down to grammar and the aural and also gave really useful info about the marking schemes and oral examiners to give us an edge. I looked forward to his classes for the positive and encouraging atmosphere and my French quickly and consistently improved throughout the year. By the end of the year I really loved French, thank you Nick!!
Lucy Moran – H1.  Blackrock – Leaving Cert 2019


French was always my weakest subject in school . After failing french in my Junior Cert, I had very little confidence in the subject going forward into the Leaving Cert French course. A few weeks into 5th year, I had already fallen behind my class and so I started French grinds with Nick. I was very nervous starting French Grinds but after my first lesson I was shocked at how quick I was able to learn sentences with the correct technique. The classes were very small allowing Nick to focus on each individual student so that no student got left behind. After a few classes I was dramatically improving in French which allowed me to pay more attention in school and gave me a lot more confidence in the subject. Nick broke down the French Leaving Cert course into the different sections and gave us a very useful study pattern for each question making french very easy to study at home which helped a lot because I was never quite sure how to study French before this. As well as the French written exam, another aspect of the French course that terrified me, to say the least, was the oral exam. I never would have thought that I would be able to sit in a room and talk French for 15 minutes. Nick made the oral exam very easy to prepare for, by breaking it down into different topics and with the help of his easy to follow notes and his study technique, there was never any reason to stress over any exam and I was confident and prepared going into the exam. I recommend Nick to any student as he’ll help you reach your highest potential. Thanks to Nick, I went from failing my Junior Cert to getting a H4 in my Leaving Cert.
Niall McDonald – H4.  Sandyford – Leaving Cert 2019


I started grinds with Nick just after Christmas and within a few classes my confidence in the subject increased massively. Nick cares about his students more than most other teachers and this encourages all the students to work harder which benefits us all. The notes given cover every topic and this is especially helpful leading up to the exam because everything is organised and the notes are already made. I found all the work we did on the oral increased my confidence when speaking French and this is very important as students don’t always have the chance to practice in class.
Saoirse-Mai Andrews – H2.  Dundrum – Leaving Cert 2019


I started out with Nick at the start of 5th year and there was never one class that I did not look forward to throughout the two years. Nick’s classes are exam focused however they are full of laughter and enjoyment. My love of french blossomed because of Nick’s style of teaching of the subject and I am forever grateful for that. Merci beaucoup Nick!
Roisin Whitely – H3.  Blackrock – Leaving Cert 2019


Nick is an enthusiastic French teacher who helps every student to reach their full potential. He covers everything you need, to achieve a top grade in French and eliminated the stress surrounding this subject for me. I looked forward to his weekly grinds because of the positive, lighthearted, but also focused atmosphere in his classes. He also gave us  general studying and exam techniques that helped me across the board in all my subjects.
Thank you Nick!
Louise Caslin – H1.  Holy Child Secondary School – Killiney – Leaving Cert 2019


Nick is a dedicated, hard working teacher who really cares about his students and how they are progressing. He gives everyone lots of encouragement and with his help there is no reason you can’t achieve a good result. His notes are very helpful and all relevant to cover what ever may come up in the Leaving Certificate. I found French difficult at times but after 2 years of weekly classes with Nick I felt a lot more confident and I achieved a better result than I expected.  Thanks Nick.
Philip Moran – H3.  Blackrock – Leaving Cert 2019





I found Nick through school friends;  he came highly recommended by many past pupils  who had attended his classes in previous years – and now I see why. From the initial contact I could tell Nick (a French native), was not only a very experienced teacher but also very dedicated and passionate about his work and really nice to deal with. I was struggling a bit before joining his classes;  averaging a H4 (at a push) and was unsure about what class level to attend, but Nick quickly determined this and while I was apprehensive at first,  I soon found I was well able for the class and so glad I trusted his judgement.  By the end of the 1st term I found both my vocab and understanding had increased hugely and I was finally able to enjoy and have fun speaking the language. Nicks has many years of experience with Leaving Cert requirements and knows exactly what to focus on.  It may seem a little daunting at first with the vocab but after just ‘one week’,  I found I could understand more & more & it gave me so much confidence. He is extremely dedicated and passionate about getting students the grades they need and if you are the same and do the homework he suggests each week, this is definitely achievable. In just two terms,  I went from a H4/H5 to a H2 in my Leaving cert!  Which I never thought possible, especially in that timeframe.  I know if I had joined his class in 5th year I would have achieved an H1. I would also highly recommend doing the one to one mock orals he provides and attending the listening comprehension classes too – these really helped me! I guarantee, if you do the homework he gives you each week and take on board what he sets the focus on – you can achieve great results! I highly recommend Nick –  to anyone hoping to improve their French, he is the best!
Emma O’Sullivan – H2.  Dun Laoghaire – Leaving Cert 2018


I started to go to Nick in the September of 3rd year. I instantly began to see improvements in my French. Nick has perfectly planned out the year in advance and explains how his system works, making it easy to see the work set out for you the year ahead. Nick’s planning works with the system of the junior cert. In my case I was willing to put in the work for my French result but I wasn’t sure how to study the language. I think studying for a language when you are not fluent in it, can be very difficult, as there is so much information and things to learn. It’s such a long almost impossible thing to know everything when studying for a language exam. That’s when I found Nick’s study notes came in hugely handy. He gave you a manageable amount of information to learn for each week which he sourced mainly from past papers. If you keep up with the work he gives you, you are guaranteed to get the grade you wished for.
Aoife Linnane – A.  Dun Laoghaire – Junior Cert 2018


Nick is fantastic! Going into 6th year, I honestly did not know how to have a conversation in French and I was dreading my oral exam.  By the time it came around, Nick had me fully prepared and confident going in. He takes a personal interest in each of his students, constantly encourages you to fulfil your potential and teaches you how to obtain most marks out of every section of the paper. Nick is a funny guy, his enthusiasm, energy and motivation makes his classes really enjoyable. Thanks Nick, 100% couldn’t have done it without you. Merci beaucoup!
Jodie McCann – H2.  Glenageary – Leaving Cert 2018


“Attending Nick’s grinds helped my French to improve immensely, leaving me feeling well prepared going in to my leaving cert exam. I found his preparation for the oral particularly helpful as the oral aspect of the exam was always the part I struggled with most. He helped me to overcome my nerves and I became much more confident speaking the language. His notes are unique, filled with lovely idioms and phrases, as well as being exam focused, up to date and relevant. I now study Global Business (France) in DCU and I can’t thank Nick enough for not only helping me to succeed in my leaving cert but also fostering a love of the French language.”
Gráinne Clarke, H2, Trim, co. Meath – Leaving Cert 2018


I attended Nick’s French grinds from the end of 5th year and all throughout 6th year as I had found myself struggling with the subject early in 5th year, particularly the pronunciation for the oral . Nick was really encouraging and took a personal interest in all of his students . His notes and vocabulary for each section of the exam were excellent . I was delighted to go from a H4 to a H2 in my Leaving cert exam thanks to the help of Nick .
Matt McKenna, H2, Dalkey – Leaving Cert 2018


I started Nick’s French grinds at the beginning of 3rd year and managed to receive an A in my Junior Cert which would not have been possible without Nick’s help and support. He’s a fantastic French tutor and his approach to teaching is very simple and easy which made the subject much easier to understand . He was always well prepared for each class and gave excellent notes which covered every aspect of the paper. They really helped me with the revision of my French during the year and were especially useful coming up to the exams. Not only was Nick encouraging , passionate and supportive but he was also very humorous. This humour added to the atmosphere of the classes making them much more enjoyable. Nick helped me build up my confidence in the language and reach my full potential! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Rachel Glennon – A. Dublin 18 – Junior Cert 2018


I attended Nicks grinds for both fifth and sixth year and I thoroughly enjoyed his classes. It is obvious that he cares about his students and ensures that every student reaches their full potential. I did not do French classes in school and only attended one grind a week with Nick. However thanks to his exam-focused classes and excellent notes I  managed to get a H1. I would definitely recommend all students studying French to attend Nicks classes and I believe any student would find them  both beneficial and enjoyable thanks to Nick’s enthusiasm and humour!
Des Duggan – H1. Sandymount – Leaving Cert 2018


Nick is hands down the best French grinds teacher in Dublin, his understanding of the leaving cert and French language is one of a kind. He cares for his students and pushes them to improve each week. In sixth year, I started the French grinds with Nick. I was at a H5 grade before the grinds, small tips and phrases enhanced by French to a H2 in the leaving cert. It was an honour to learn from him and I would highly recommend other students to take up the grinds.
Hugo Murray – H2. Kilmacud – Leaving Cert 2018


I attended Nick’s French grinds throughout 5th and 6th year and found them thoroughly enjoyable from beginning to end. Nick’s classes were exam focused while always  retaining a friendly atmosphere. I looked forward to the class and left every week knowing I had improved. Nick prepared us so well for every aspect of the exam and ensured that we were confident. Nick truly cared for every student and always encouraged us to work at the best of our abilities. Thanks to Nick, I grew to love the subject as well as the language and couldn’t have been happier with my result in the end.
Sibéal McGloughlin – H2, Dalkey, Co Dublin – Leaving Cert 2018


I attended Nick’s French grinds from the beginning of sixth year. I found his classes both exam focused and enjoyable. Nick’s enthusiasm and encouragement kept me motivated throughout the year and gave me a love for the language. Thanks to Nick’s oral, written and aural notes and exercises, I was fully prepared for the exam. He gave me a boost of confidence in my ability to speak and write in French and thanks to him I received a H1 in the Leaving Cert. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
Sara Alexander Leacy, H1 – Blackrock, Co Dublin – Leaving Cert 2018


“I found Nick’s class incredibly informative and helpful throughout 6th year and especially in the run up to the final exam. Beforehand, I was nervous about trying a French accent, but Nick’s encouragement allowed me to speak out in French which really helped me in the oral exam in April. Nick provided us with amazing, unique material and phrases for the written exercises and prepared us for endless question that could be thrown at us. The class was always enjoyable and entertaining which made it easier to learn more in a comfortable environment and made me look forward to the class each week! Nick is incredibly dedicated to each student in the class and knows how to help each student improve individually. Over the course of the year, I went up two Grades in French and thanks to Nick I got a H2 in the Leaving Cert which I couldn’t have been happier with”.
Keara Curtin – H2. Loretto Abbey Dalkey – Leaving Cert 2018


I was really struggling with French in school at the start of sixth year but within a few weeks of going to grinds with Nick my standard of French had improved massively. I had to travel over an hour to and from Nick but it was so worth it. His notes were so exam focused and his preparation for the orals made everything so much easier. He pushed me to get a H1 in french and I’m now going on to study business and french in Trinity.
Orlagh Keegan – H1. Scoil Mhuire, Trim – Leaving Cert 2018


“I started French grinds with Nick at Christmas of 6th year. I had little confidence in my French and I was barely getting a H4 in school. With Nick’s help, I saw my standard of French improve week by week.  I found his weekly grinds extremely helpful especially when it came to the oral exam. His notes and tips helped me to gain confidence in both the written and spoken French language. All of Nick’s classes were 100% exam focused which meant that there was no unnecessary learning.  For the oral exam, Nick had me prepared really well and I never struggled to answer any question that was asked. I certainly would not have been able to achieve the grade I got without Nick’s help. My only regret is that I didn’t start with Nick from the beginning of 6th year.”
Jack Small – H2. Blackrock, Co Dublin – Leaving Cert 2018


I began doing french classes with nick at the start of sixth year and although I did not study french in school I felt very confident going into my french exam thanks to nicks exam preparation techniques. The 1 hour and fifteen minute classes consist of important exam related information with notes on all aspects of the exam such as the written paper, reading paper, listening and oral examination. He also prepared me fully for my oral exam by carrying out mock orals which covered all aspects of the exam.
Louis Twomey – H1. Blackrock, Co Dublin – Leaving Cert 2018


I’ve been a grinds student of Nick and would not have achieved the results I did without his help. His classes were interactive, comprehensive and never boring! He also gave me super tips on how to approach studying French for my Leaving Cert. I received a H2 in my Leaving Cert with his help. Both my older brother and sister had similar great experiences with Nick! I would highly recommend Nick for extra lessons.
Lulu Molloy – H2. Blackrock, Co Dublin – Leaving Cert 2018


I was considering dropping french as a leaving cert subject because I felt that I wasn’t making any progress in it until I went to Nick. He completely transformed the way I approached the language and no stone was left unturned in preparation for the leaving cert exam. I am delighted to say that I got a H2 in French and will be studying Business and French in Trinity.
Lexi Kilfeather – H2. Slane, Co Meath. Rathdown School – Leaving Cert 2018


I attended french grinds with Nick for sixth year. I found them really helpful and particularly the preparation for the orals. The mock orals Nick did with us,  really helped me to focus in on my weaknesses. Specific topics for the orals and the written exam were covered very well and his notes were excellent. I was really hoping to get a H2 and I got a H1  which I was delighted about.
Michael McGagh – H1. Dalkey, Co Dublin, Blackrock College – Leaving Cert 2018


“I would highly recommend Nick to anyone looking to improve their level of French and who wants to achieve a good grade in the Leaving Cert. Nick was really helpful to me in bringing up my standard of French from a H5 level to a H2 in the Leaving Cert. I found his oral notes brilliant and a key part of bringing up my grade. I would also praise Nick’s ability to communicate with his students and how he genuinely cares about them.”
Cormac Spain – H2. Dun Laoghaire, Clonkeen College – Leaving Cert 2018






I started with Nick at the beginning of fifth year and I saw an immediate improvement in my French. Due to the small class size, it made it easy to engage with Nick, and there was always a positive atmosphere in his classroom. Nick made me actually enjoy learning the language and without him I wouldn’t have got near my grade. Nick is a funny man,a brilliant teacher and above all a great guy. Cheers Nick!
Matthew Cahill – H2, Blackrock, Leaving Cert 2017


Going into fifth year, I had a very poor level of French. With Nick’s comprehensive and exam focused notes on vocabulary and relevant topics my French improved immediately! I was confident going into the written and oral exam that there would be no question or topic too difficult for me to handle. The additional oral classes were hugely beneficial to me improving my spoken French. The small class sizes meant I was able to ask a question on anything that I was unsure of. Nick’s understanding of the marking scheme was also a huge advantage to me when preparing for the French leaving. I would absolutely recommend these grinds to anyone looking to achieve their best possible mark in French!
Maria Eirin O’Hurley H1, Coláiste Íosagáin, Leaving Cert 2017 


I started doing grinds with Nick at the start of 6th year. I found his enthusiasm and continuous support very motivating. His easy to read notes provided me with everything I needed to get the best I could in the written expressions, reading comprehensions and the aural. I found the oral classes, notes  and mock orals especially helpful as I struggled with  confidence in speaking French but going into the oral I couldn’t have been better prepared more confident . Thanks for all the help Nick, I couldn’t have done it without your guidance.
Matthew Wilson H2, Ballycullen, Leaving Certificate 2017


I joined Nick’s class at the start of 6th year in preparation for my Leaving Cert. Nick’s classes made French enjoyable and I looked forward to attending them. My level of French improved greatly thanks to the organisation and structure of the lessons as well as the continuous monitoring of progress. As a result of this I achieved a H2 in the exam and I am confident in recommending Nick’s classes.
Athena Koumarianos,  Dalkey, H2, Leaving Cert 2017


Over the course of 6th year,I attended weekly grinds with Nick. His attention to detail is incredible. Every single aspect of the course is taken care of. The oral which many students dread is cleverly prepared for by Nick. The excellent notes supplied by him coupled with the optional but worthwhile mock orals provided me with the confidence to perform well when it came to the exam. In regards to the written exam, the methods used by Nick provided me with the best chance to flourish with the tricky reading comprehensions and the often unpredictable written expressions. Even the aural which a lot of teachers often neglect is looked at in detail by Nick. The small classes allow for maximal intake of knowledge. Nick’s humour and unique teaching methods mean that every class is enjoyable. Thanks to Nick, my expression, comprehension and vocabulary in French vastly improved and ultimately aided me in getting a H2 in French. If you are willing to put the work in I would highly recommend Nick’s classes to anyone.
Tom Cordial H2, Leopardstown, Leaving Certificate 2017


I first started doing weekly French grinds with Nick at the beginning of Sixth Year and cannot recommend him highly enough. The classes are both entertaining and informative and I immediately noticed an improvement in my French. The sessions are exam-focused and greatly added to my understanding of the language, as well as how to approach the Leaving Cert itself. Nick is an experienced and dedicated teacher who will undoubtedly help you reach your goal.
Daniel Wall H1, Cabinteely, Leaving Certificate 2017


Nick is extremely professional with the classes with regards to organisation, goals etc. He kept me motivated to do well in French. The oral traning was a real game changer for me because it gives you so much confidence going into your oral exam, especially how you are taught to deal with unexpected or strange questions on the spot, and most of the content you learn is transferable to the written exam. His notes are superb and you leave the class feeling so ready to take on the leaving cert. I couldn’t have done it without him! Merci!
Ruairí Egan H2, Blackrock, Leaving Certificate 2017


I cannot recommend Nick highly enough.I started grinds with Nick at the beginning of sixth year and I found his classes extremely helpful and exam focused. Each week Nick was extremely organised and enthusiastic which helped me to stay motivated with my work throughout the year. I know I would not have achieved this grade without Nick !
Keela Sexton H2 ,Blackrock , Leaving Certificate 2017


I did my leaving cert in 2017 and took French as an extra subject with Nick. I only had one class a week but Nick’s notes, enthusiasm and preparation for the oral exam were excellent and enough to prepare me for the tough exam. The oral preparation was especially good with French people taking one on one classes with me. I achieved a H1 (A1) in the leaving cert and now have a strong love for the language. I know that that wouldn’t have happened without Nick:)
Cliodhna Duggan H1, Dublin, Leaving Certificate 2017


I started doing French grinds with Nick in 5th year and continued with them until the end of 6th year. My level of French massively improved thanks to the structure that Nick gave and all of the extra vocabulary which was very useful in my reading comprehensions and in the written expression.
My confidence in the oral also increased with the continued assement in this area, I would definitely recommend these grinds to students with all levels of French.
Lauren McGrath H2, Monkstown, Leaving Certificate 2017


I started grinds with Nick at the beginning of fifth year. Nick’s consistently helpful and informative notes made studying for the exam so much easier and enjoyable. The oral practice classes were absolutely amazing. These made the real oral exam less daunting, which made me a lot more confident in my own French. If you struggle with any aspect of French, Nick will have easy-to-read notes that cover every topic imaginable on the exam. Every class was enjoyable and Nick’s humour made French a lot easier to learn. I would recommend Nick’s classes to any student.
Robert Johnston H1, Blackrock, Leaving Certificate 2017


I attended Nick’s classes over a year and received excellent notes and other useful information. The notes were easy to understand and follow, and were explained very well by Nick. The class size was small which allowed each student to get great attention. This helped improve my grade immensely.
Freya O’Byrne H2, Kilternan, Leaving Certificate 2017


Nick transformed my ability and confidence in French. His extensive knowledge of the Leaving Cert exam, and how it is marked, allowed me to reach my target of a H2. Nick has every area of the exam down to a tee, and I credit my success to his notes and teaching. As well as this, his classes are  thoroughly enjoyable and always had a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The small size of the class allowed me to ask questions whenever I felt lost on a topic. Nick made french easy to learn for me, a student who’d previously struggled to reach their full potential in the subject. I am very thankful that I chose to attend Nick’s classes. If you are looking for a french grind that will pin point exactly what it is that you need to do in order to achieve your target grade, then look no further. Nick is your man.
Graeme Scaife H2, Booterstown, Leaving Certificate 2017




I began classes with Nick in January of sixth year. His notes are amazing and cover a wide range of topics which allowed me to feel confident going into the exam. I was always rusty with the grammar section of the paper butNick made sure that I was fully prepared before sitting the paper. I would recommend these classes to anyone and every one as they cater to all of levels of French. I guarantee that you will know the layout of the French paper off by heart and you will be a master of the marking scheme after going to these classes.
Eva Twomey A1, Blackrock, Leaving Certificate 2016


I started grinds with Nick last September for the duration of sixth year. Before attending Nick’s classes, I was at a very poor standard of French and was considering dropping to Ordinary Level. However, I quickly began to enjoy learning French through the help of Nick’s guidance. His enthusiasm , humor and attention to detail helped me to drastically improve my level of French and I’m sure I wouldn’t have achieved a B2 without him. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nick and would highly recommend him to any student.
Fergal Whitely, B2, Blackrock, Leaving Certificate 2016


I started classes with Nick in sixth year, and it was one of the best decisions of the year. Nick covered an incredible range of topics with us, and I felt so confident going into the exam when June came around. Nick’s classes left me knowing that I would be able to speak or write about any topic I could be presented with in an exam. The small class groups meant we were able to discuss anything we found difficult and really work on the areas we struggled with. I would absolutely recommend Nick’s classes to anyone studying French for the leaving cert!
Grace Boyd, A1, Mount Merrion, Leaving Certificate 2016


I started weekly grinds with Nick at the start of 6th Year. He was a wonderful help throughout the entire year. To me what made Nick stand out were his incredibly focused, comprehensive and easy to understand and learn notes. Furthermore he made the oral part of the exam so manageable. Prior to starting with Nick my confidence in my spoken French was low but when I actually had my oral exam I felt fully prepared and confident.
I can’t recommend Nick highly enough! He genuinely cared not only about improving our grades but also developing a love for French and I feel he succeeded on both of these fronts!
Philip Johnston A1, Mount Merrion, Leaving Cert 2016


I started with Nick’s classes at the begining of 6th year with a very low standard of french.I managed to scrape a D in my 5th year summer exams.Throughtout 6th year I listened to Nick and did exactly as he advised and managed to obtain a B1 in my leaving certificate.I genuinely owe it all toNick and am certain I would not have achieved such a high grade without his help.He is a great instructor and knows exactly what is needed to succeed in leaving cert french.
Mícheál Cronin-B1,Ballinteer,Leaving Cert 2016


I started french grinds with nick in 5th year as I was barely passing higher level french, with Nick’s help I received a B1 in my leaving certificate. I would recommend these classes to anyone who struggles with french and is looking to improve for the leaving cert. The notes created by Nick are very well constructed and concise making them simple to learn. These classes also greatly improved my performance in the french oral examination, before I began these classes I could barely pronounce any french words and i dreaded the oral but within just a few weeks of Nick’s help i felt much more confident and prepared . I would absolutely recommend these classes as not only did they help me improve my grades greatly but the classes were always fun and engaging
Ellen O’Shea, A1, Shankill. Leaving certificate 2016


Absolutely fantastic classes, went from having low B grades in class to getting A grades, I would definitely recommend any leaving cert french student take these classes, especially if you find french difficult to speak and write, like I did! The notes given at every class were constructed in a way that made them easy to learn and very useful, you must give these classes a try!
Celia Reynolds A2, Blackrock, Leaving Cert 2016


I started weekly grinds with Nick at Christmas in 6th year. I found his weekly grinds extremely helpful especially when it came to the oral exam. His notes and tips helped me to gain confidence in both the written and spoken french language. He is a terrific teacher and without his help I would not have achieved a B1 in french.
Jenny McDonnell, B1, Blackrock, Leaving Cert 2016


I started French grinds with Nick in fifth year and stayed with him right until the end of sixth year and I could not recommend him highly enough. The classes were always exam focused and Nick made them very interesting and relevant. On the day of the exam I was able to answer any question there was on the paper very comfortably. For the oral exam, Nick had me very prepared and I never struggled to answer any question that was asked. I would not have been able to achieve the grade I got without Nick’s help.
Sinéad Dalton, Blackrock, A2 – French Leaving Cert 2016


I studied French with Nicolas Gries. His classes were excellent. They also kept me interested. He gave us the tools to sit the exams and achieve a result. He taught me proper study techniques, without which I might not have achieved my first choice in the CAO.
Joey Leddy, Cabinteely, B1 – French Leaving Cert 2016


I started grinds with Nick in February of sixth year and due to his notes on a wide range of topics and guidance, including regular exam-type tests, I felt confident and prepared going into the exam. Nick offers great guidance through the entire French paper, is personally invested in each student and wants each student to achieve their full potential. I would highly recommend his grinds to anyone who is struggling with the language or simply wants to better their grade.
Rachael Benéid A2, Dundrum, Leaving Certificate 2016




If you want an A1 in leaving cert french then Nick’s french grinds are definitely your best option. I joined Nick’s grinds after Christmas of sixth year.At this stage, spoken french was my downfall. I struggled to get through sentences without loads of uh’s and um’s as well as many silent pauses. However thanks to Nick’s guidance and his spectacular notes (which I’m considering framing) I was able to enter the french oral confident with my level of spoken french. His notes on written expressions and the comprehension work we did in class also helped transform all my school assignments from B1/B2 standard to A1’s. Nick’s enthusiastic, energetic, yet attentive, teaching style makes following the classes easy and his unbelievable knowledge of the state exams, means his students are as prepared as one can be by the time June comes around. He is by far the best french teacher I have ever come across and I can’t thank him enough for his dedication to his french classes.
Daniel Dunleavy-A1, Blackrock, Leaving Cert 2015


I started grinds with Nick in preparation for my leaving cert. I scraped a pass in my junior cert and was worried I would have to take the subject at ordinary level. However with Nicks help my French hugely improved, Nick is exam focused and has a great understanding of what is needed to succeed in the leaving cert. He’s extremely professional and encouraging. He’s attentive with each of his students and he continuously monitors progress to target any areas his students are struggling in.Nick took the stress out of leaving cert French for me, as long as you do the work he gives, there’s no doubt your French will improve. I rose from a C3 grade to a B1 in my leaving cert.
Cliodhna Reidy – B1, Dun Laoghaire, Leaving Cert 2015


I had failed French for my junior cert and been failing ever since! I had no foundation of writing or speaking French and I was lost altogether. A friend recommended me to Nick and so I began my grinds with him ! After only 6 weeks I saw a massive improvement in my grades! I continued with Nick for most of 6th year and received a B3 in my leaving cert higher French exam.Nick’s way of teaching is beyond clever and designed to focus on getting leaving cert results which is why it works ! I cannot thank him enough.
Sam Kane – B3, Monkstown , Leaving Cert 2015


Starting a French grind with Nick in September was one of the best decisions I made in Sixth Year. This gave us extra time to cover a huge range of essay topics, meaning I had pre-prepared the main ideas and vocabulary behind all of my written expressions in the actual Leaving Certificate (by Christmas)! Nicks understanding of how Leaving Cert French is marked, early preparation, malleable phrases and general teaching techniques gave my written and oral French the backbone it needed to feel secure in an A1 without too much prior stress or cramming.
Rory McCluskey – A1, Blackrock, Leaving Cert 2015


I started with Nicolas March of 2015 in my sixth year of school . I definitely recommend Nick as a French teacher . His love of teaching , continued enthusiasm , motivation and support combined with top class notes helped me gain confidence for the exam . Thanks Nicolas for making French so enjoyable,
I now look forward to my college experience .
Gabrielle O Gliasain – B1, Dundalk Co. Louth, Leaving Cert 2015


Before I started grinds with Nick I struggled a lot with French. I was a low C/ D student and was finding every section of the Leaving Cert Exam very difficult. Within a month of the grinds not only did my grades improve at school but I also began to enjoy class a lot more. With Nicks help I achieved a B3 in the Leaving Cert and also found a love for the language. It took an hour to drive to the grinds every week but it was defiantly worth it! I would recommend Face a Face grinds to everyone as they are enjoyable and very exam focused!Thanks so much for your help Nick!!
Becky Stokes – B3, Greenhills , Leaving Cert 2015


I decided to go to Nick half way through 6th year, before his grinds I struggled with French and rarely scraped a B grade, but thanks to his concise notes combined with his comprehensive understanding of the leaving cert and its marking system I was able to achieve an A2 in my final exam.
Patrick Ward – A2, Clontarf, Leaving cert 2015


I started Grinds with Nick a few months into sixth year and he hugely helped me with my French, not only did he provide really helpful notes, but he made the classes enjoyable and covered all the essential topics for the exams and gave us vocabulary for many topical subjects. He is a brilliant teacher who I would highly recommend!
Claire Maguire – B1, Bray, Leaving Cert 2015


Before I joined Nick’s classes, I was a low C student at best. After only a few of Nick’s weekly classes, I noticed a significant improvement in my skill and confidence in French, and my motivation in all subjects. Nick’s encouragement helped me greatly. French quickly became my favourite subject and I looked forward to each class at Face à Face. Thanks to Nick I have gotten my first choice in college and a lasting interest in French, which I hope to continue studying. Merci, mon ami!
Robert Duff – B2, Monkstown, Leaving Cert 2015



Before going to Nick I was a low to mid C student. I had an extremely limited knowledge of what was required of me for the leaving cert French paper, not to mention an even more limited knowledge of the French language in general. After working with Nick weekly for most of the year I could see my confidence in my ability increasing – as well as my grades in exams. Nick’s exam-focused notes cut down the amount of study time needed for success in French. I attribute much of my success in the leaving cert in general to his fantastic motivation, which focused me in all subjects – not just French. Without him, I probably wouldn’t have gotten my first choice, and most definitely wouldn’t have had an A in French.
Robert Cahill – A2, Blackrock, Leaving Cert 2014


When I started with Nick after Christmas I was a C student and really wasn’t enjoying French at all. Nick is a great teacher and I had serious fun in every grind. We went through every section of the course until I was really confident with all of it, and manage to get an A2 in the Leaving Cert Higher Level which I was incredibly happy with. I would definitely recommend Face a Face – French Grinds to everyone! Cheers Nick.
Cormac Berkery – A2, Dalkey, Leaving Cert 2014


I decided in fifth year that I would study French as a subject outside school. The grind I went to for that year hardly improved my French at all, so coming in to Nick at the beginning of 6th year, I had a very low standard of French, hoping to achieved a C at most. Over the year we practised written and oral French and with Nick’s help and positive encouragement all the way through, I achieved an A2 in the end. Nick’s classes are not only extremely helpful when aiming for a high grade in French, but also a fun, stress free environment, which is particularly important towards the end of the year. I would definitely recommend Nick’s classes to anyone studying French.
Jenny O’Mahony – A2, Blackrock, Leaving Cert 2014


I came to Face à Face with only seven weeks to my Leaving Cert! I had gotten a B in Higher level in the mocks and my teacher in school felt this was a fair reflection of my ability. I wanted to do better, but wasn’t confident that I was capable of doing so. However, after my first lesson with Nicolas, he convinced me that I had the ability to achieve more. As well as being a fantastic teacher, Nicolas is a great mentor. He takes an interest in you as a person, giving his own very ‘French’ advice on school, exams and life after the Leaving Cert. On the day of the results, I got my A in French and that was truthfully down to Nick. But along with my A, Nicolas gave me perspective and realization that life doesn’t end with your Leaving Cert result, whatever you get, it’s really only just the beginning!
India Murray- A2, Blackrock, Leaving Cert 2014.


Nick is a native, a gifted and committed teacher. He prepares each lesson throughly in advance and has the talent of making them fun. His passion for the french language and culture is contagious. He is totally focused on the student and will modify the course depending on their need and ability. It is thanks to Nick that I got an A in honours French in the Leaving Cert.
Nicholas Morgan – A2, Dun Laoghaire, Leaving Cert 2014


Having Nick as a teacher gave me much more confidence with French. He knew exactly what the examiners wanted and had amazing notes to help. He proved invaluable in the oral classes especially and I know I would not have received this grade without him. Nick also gave me a love for the French language which I hope to use in the University and in my future.
Cliona Walsh – A2, Stillorgan, Leaving Cert 2014


When I decided to go to Nicks French classes, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. The minute I walked into his classroom, he was really helpful. I found myself progressing week after week. I thought his classes were fun and engaging to be a part of. He shows he is a person who cares about his students and wants them to succeed. So, with Nick’s help my grade improved and I would have no hesitation in recommending his service. Merci beaucoup Nick.
James Byrne – B1, Killiney Leaving Cert 2014




Before coming to Nick I was hovering around a C3 in my written and oral French. I was struggling with my comprehension and my confidence. French was by far my least favourite subject and I hated sitting down to study it. I heard about Face à Face Grinds from a friend and decided to give it a go. This was the best decision I made during 6th year. Over the 12 sessionsNick systematically went through every part of the Oral exam. He broke down what felt like an endless wall of grammar and vocabulary into bite-size, easy to learn chunks. Walking into my French oral , I had never been so prepared or confident for an exam in my life. What had been 10 minutes of torture and pigeon French in my mocks transformed into a fluent and informal chat. I can safely say that this was the best possible start to my Leaving Cert. Nick gave me the confidence I needed to work harder, not only in French but in all the subjects I took. I continued with Face à Face after the oral for help with the written exam. I began to genuinely enjoy studying the language and learning more about the French culture. Face à Face grinds gave me more than just A1 in my Leaving Cert. I now have a real appreciation for and understanding of French
Patrick Finlay, Monkstown, A1 – Leaving Cert 2013


I would recommend Nick to anyone! He is an energetic, enthusiastic and dedicated teacher who really gave me the confidence to stick with Higher Level French. Before I started with Nick I was certain I would drop to Ordinary level but from the first lesson with Nick, I began to consistently improve across all aspects of the subject. I ended up getting a Higher Level B2, a grade I never thought I could have achieved. Thanks Nick I could not have done it without you!
Stephen Power, Dun Laoghaire, B2- French Leaving Cert 2013


I began classes with Nick 10 weeks prior to my leaving cert. Working with him really helped me reach my full potential in French. His extensive knowledge of the Leaving Cert course provided me with phrases and vocabulary, for both my oral and written exams, that ultimately led to me receiving an A2 in French. I would highly recommend him to anyone!
Garry Ringrose, Blackrock, A2 – French Leaving Cert 2013


Working with Nick greatly improved my French throughout the year. I had always struggled with languages throughout my years in school, but once I began working with Nick my results in French quickly began to improve. With Nicks grinds I went from a low C student to get a B1 in the Leaving Cert, something I would never dream of, before working with Nick. I strongly advise everyone to work with Nick because he will get you to fulfil your potential.
John Slowey, Dalkey, B1 – French Leaving Cert 2013